Brand Power Quiz Method 

Create A Powerful Brand-Boosting Quiz That Attracts Your Perfect Clients and Customers Day In Day Out

... And sets you apart in a wildly-crowded online market

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Nikki Clark
Belle Lockerby 2

“I kept hearing Nikki talk about brand building with a quiz but I put it off for so long. When I finally launched my Bravery quiz, I doubled my email list in two weeks! Quizzes work, they really work!”

Author, Copywriter & Bravery Leader

You’re a service provider or course creator seeking to influence your industry

You’re hungry for a bigger email list, but you know there’s more to it than bumping up the contact counter with lukewarm subscribers who have no intention of ever paying you.

You want:

>> to grow your authority and build a stronger brand.

>> And, you want THE RIGHT people on your list.

>> People who are ready to hunt you down to buy your amazing offers.

Because you’re not here to mess around.

You’re here to create deep and lasting transformations for people, and they should know it already!


If only you could bring more of your ideal people onto your list with a powerful opt-in that leads to ACTUAL sales....

Because building a list AND moving people from curious to customer might currently feel like a game of Russian roulette.


Maybe you’re struggling with one of these not-so-awesome scenarios

Subscriber Drought

You came up with a stellar idea for a lead magnet, slaved away for days pulling together great content – you even mastered Canva and set up an epic landing page – but where are the subscribers? Why is there only a trickle?

Marketing Whiplash

You’ve been listening to the ‘gurus’ who say you should do a webinar or a challenge to grow an engaged list, while some are shouting, “lead magnets are dead!” So you’re stuck in procrastination land, not sure what to do next...

Stuck on the
Content Hamster Wheel

You need a way to build instant authority and visibility without churning out content all day and night.

Here's the thing...

Everyday, perfect-for-you potential clients are wandering around the interwebs hoping for a solution to their problem, credit card at the ready.

But the marketplace is so crowded, you feel like you’re shouting from the basement and nobody can hear you.

You see other people killing it with content, getting downloads, likes, and shares. Meanwhile, you’re still hiding behind the scenes without a look in.

You want an EASY way to get those people on your list without $2K in ad spend.

And yet, you know list growth is pointless if your subscribers don’t fall in love with your brand.

The question is…

Why are all the perfect people walking on by?

Because if they aren’t opting in…

You’re leaving money on the table.

A lot of money.

Lead generation is NOT what it used to be!

In times gone by, capturing and converting great customers was easy. Offer an ebook or a PDF, get 20c Facebook leads and watch your conversion rate go through the roof!

Today, it’s a very different story.

>> People’s attention spans are limited (because they’re bombarded with offers 24/7) which makes it hard for you to stand out online.

>>People guard their email addresses like buried treasure - which means you've got to create something really compelling if you want them to hand over their details.

And, time, my friend is limited - I know you don’t have hours to spend creating an epic PDF that just collects dust on your hard drive.

The truth is you can build your list and stand out in the crowd with one simple system.

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Say hello to...

 Brand Power Quiz Method 

Create A Powerful Brand-Boosting Quiz That Attracts Your Perfect Clients and Customers Day In Day Out

... And sets you apart in a wildly-crowded online market

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A step-by-step solution for service providers and course creators who want to use a powerful quiz system to build their brand and their list. 

I've taken everything I've learned from creating my own high-performing quiz along with decades of working on brand strategy for some of the world's biggest brands.

In two months, I went from zero to 3,000 people on my email list and booked out my services!

And, now I'm handing over the exact system I used to get there

You’ll be able to create a quiz that not only attracts your best-fit clients, but also builds your brand authority and positions you as a leader in your field.

Nikki Clark
Lou clarke piggybank millionairre

“Brand Power Quiz Method is an AMAZING program and the support is incredible! The first week of running my quiz I added 150 new contacts to my email list. And my percentages in my quiz funnel were higher than the norm! I would 100% tell anyone who wants to grow their community especially their email list to buy the program and work the entire program.”

Time & Profitability Strategist








Engage our primal instinct
Quizzes engage our primal instinct to know where we fit in life. We all want to understand who we are.

Position you as THE authority
Quizzes allow you to give your potential clients insight into themselves, which instantly positions you as helpful and authoritative.

Grab attention
Quizzes are interactive, which means our brains are more attentive and engaged in the content – not passively consuming. (Interactive content is also five times more likely to convert than other content.)

Viral reach
Quizzes are shareable – people want to tell other people who they are (and find out more about others) and therefore they share quizzes with friends, family and colleagues.

Audience segmentation
Quizzes allow you to segment your subscribers and get useful information about what offers will work best for them (which traditional lead magnets just can’t do)

Higher conversion rate
Quizzes are personalised and, according to HubSpot, personalisation, and personalised calls to action can generate a 202% higher conversion rate than something generic.

Imagine waking up to results like this:

Well above average lead opt-in rates!

Extra-ordinary conversion rate from lead to sale!

This program isn't about attracting loads of subscribers who aren’t a good fit for what you offer...

You'll have a step-by-step method to make a mark with your message and position yourself to get EXACTLY the kind of potential clients and customers you want.

The best part?

There are no complicated 12-step funnels here.

I’ll teach you how to create a quiz that attracts your ideal subscribers and converts them into customers in a few simple steps.

Create a quiz that ATTRACTS the perfect audience for your brand

Position yourself as an AUTHORITY and expert instantly

CONVERT your quiz takers into paying customers with ease  

With The Brand Power Quiz Method You'll Be Able To:

Stop wasting time creating opt-ins that go unread and unused (and don’t lead to sales!)

Have one piece of content you can share if you speak, blog, or podcast, that segments your audience and puts them on the path to the perfect offer.

Have people share your content FOR YOU and get easy, scalable organic growth instead of feeling frustrated and invisible.

Generate dozens of responsive leads a day, which even at a low conversion rate, could mean thousands more $$$ per week in revenue – without doing anything more than sharing your quiz.

Nikki Clark

“I still have your Brand Archetype report 5 years on and I still use it! Goes to show how valuable a great quiz can be for your business.”

Business & Mindset Mentor

Nikki Clark
Hayley Richardson

“A quiz is such a great way to make a personal connection with your audience right away from that first interaction. It skips the getting to know you part and fast tracks your know, like and trust!”


Here’s what we'll cover inside Brand Power Quiz Method


You'll learn:

  • The FOUR goals your quiz must meet to supercharge your brand + sales
  • The 3 quiz funnel options for selling: Services, Courses, Programs, or a Digital Product
  • How to choose your “Big Quiz Idea”

Outcome: Your fully baked quiz idea that positions you as an expert and your funnel mapped out to take your audience from stranger to buyer.


Learn the key to converting over 40% of quiz takers to email subscribers!

  • Design the results that map to your offers (AKA segmenting)

  • Craft captivating questions and engaging results
  • Create click-worthy headlines

Outcome: A set of questions and results that have people desperate to take your quiz.


You'll learn:

  • The simple quiz software that even the most tech challenged can use!
  • How to embed your quiz on your own website, lead page, or directly in a Facebook Ad
  • How to integrate your quiz with your email software and nurture leads on autopilot 

Outcome: Quiz built & ready to share with the world.


You'll learn strategies to:

  • Build: organically, via social, email, and your own platforms
  • Borrow: Reaching out to reach audiences of other brands with established followings
  • Buy: Simple list building ads on Facebook and Instagram. 

Outcome: Leads on autopilot!


 BONUS #1  3X Quiz Sales Funnel Maps (value $57)
Services? Courses? High-ticket programs? I've got your roadmap at the ready.

 BONUS #2  Quiz Types That Generate Valuable Leads (value $57)
50 Quiz titles and ideas for all different industries 

 BONUS #3  Facebook Ad Copy Swipefiles (value $97)
Facebook Ad copywriting template, plus swipes of top performing list building ads

 BONUS #4  Social Media Post Templates for Quiz Launch (value $117)
Social media promo post templates for pre-launch and launch

 BONUS #5  Facebook Ads Training (value $197)
Facebook and IG list building ads the easy way, tutorial and a peek into my own ads and creative

 BONUS #6  Sales Email Sequence Swipes (value $397)
Email Sequences that sell. templates for three types of funnel. Swipe them and plug-and play!

Total Bonus Value = $922





4 Quiz Method Training Modules

5 Incredible Bonuses

Total Included Value $1,510

Payment Plan
(x3 monthly)


x 3 monthly instalments

4 Quiz Method Training Modules

5 Incredible Bonuses

Total Included Value $1,510

Nikki Clark
Amelia Lee, Undercover Architect

“We're seeing a 2X Return on Ad spend with our quiz which we've never achieved with another type of lead magnet!”

Undercover Architect

Nikki Clark
Susanne Grant

“I've doubled my traffic and generated x100 more subscribers compared to my other opt-ins and my quiz conversion rate is 70%!”

Grant Method


Video training plus swipes and worksheets. No fluff, all action. Each training will give you a step-by-step walk through. Watch or listen wherever you want

Learn the ins and outs of what quiz to create for your business, how to create it, how to launch it, and how to use it to sell your leads into a sales offer!

BPQM feature 1
BPQM feature 2


You'll get my highest performing sales funnel maps which detail the exact customer journey steps for selling: A high-ticket offer, a program or course and a low priced digital product.

These maps show you exactly what works and what you need to setup for your quiz to work effectively!


You'll get to see my converting landing pages, sales pages and get your hands on my high-converting sales email sequence copy templates and ad copy templates.

These copy swipes give you the fast-track to getting your quiz funnel up and running AND converting


BPQM feature 3
BPQM feature 4


Includes a recorded masterclass on how to set up and run your own Facebook and Instagram list building ads to generate a crazy amount of traffic to your quiz!

You'll also get access to Ad Copy swipes for setting up quiz lead gen ads that get you leads easily and for the lowest cost.

Nikki Clark
jess bustamante

“The Brand Power Quiz Method is incredible. I swear it's just answered all my questions of pulling all the pieces together. I'm OBSESSED.

I'm truly grateful that I found your brand. This is the EXACT support I need and have been looking for. Great job and sincere thanks from the bottom of my heart!!!”

Wealth Strategist




JUST $597!


So, who am I to be telling you how to create powerful quizzes that elevate your brand?

Oh hi! I'm Nikki Clark, a brand strategist, copywriter and content creator. My mission is to help you get seen, get heard, and get paid.

And it all starts...with your content.

For more than 15 years, I helped grow worldwide brands like Nike, Levis, Billabong, Sony, IBM and more...

And for the past 7+ years, I've helped my private clients:

✔️ Double their revenue
✔️ Sell out their online programs
✔️ Book out their services 6+ months in advance
✔️ Launch a podcast, book, and speak on worldwide stages

In fact, in 2019 alone, I helped my clients bring in over $7 million in sales.

But it wasn't always this way.

When I started my own business in 2014, I was scared to put myself out there. I stayed invisible and watched as people took off around me.

I was completely stuck with the 'how' and finding the time to build a profitable email list seemed impossible.

Then I launched my first quiz.

This brand archetype quiz generated more than 3,200 leads in two months and led to me being booked out 12 months in ADVANCE.

I was so impressed with this outcome that I've launched two other quizzes that have filled my online programs on autopilot!

Now, my current opt-in is the Brand Story Archetype Quiz which leads into my Stories That Sell program. This program has generated more than $328,000 in sales in 2020 alone!

Each quiz has enabled me to position myself, stand out and become known for my area of expertise.

The quiz has opened up podcast interviews, speaking spots and more.

It’s also allowed me to relax about content creation, because I have one piece doing the heavy lifting for me.

Nikki Clark Montage

So what does all of this mean for you?

Creating a quiz can work 24/7 to  build your revenue  AND your personal brand quickly and effortlessly!

And using my proven quiz method - I can help you do it with all the shortcuts and swipes you need to get up and running  in record time. 

Here's a quick recap of everything you get inside

Foundations + Funnels - training and workbook (Value $147)

Questions and Results That Convert - training and workbook (Value $147)

Low Stress Quiz Setup - training and workbook (Value $147)

Launch and promotion - training and workbook (Value $147)

3 x Funnel Maps (Value $57)

50 Quiz titles and ideas for all different industries ($57)

Social media promo post templates for pre-launch and launch ($117)

Facebook Ad training & Ad Copy Swipes (Value $297)

Email sequences that sell (Value $397)


Total Included Value:  $1,513

Yours Today for just $597


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Frequently Asked Questions

How much time do I need to create and launch my quiz?

I always say that your free lead magnet should take as much time and investment from you as if it were a paid product. It's the first touch with your brand and you want to make an impact. I recommend 2 hours per week across the 4 weeks to learn, create and launch your quiz.

Is this another course that will gather dust?

The Brand Power Quiz Method is designed to hold your hand through the process of planning, creating and launching your quiz. 

How is this different from other quiz courses?

I haven't seen inside any other quiz courses but I can tell you it's built from my own experience of creating quizzes since 2014. I combine my brand strategy, copy and marketing strategy skills, so you get a holistic approach to creating and launching a quiz that generates results.

What date does this start?

Once your payment is complete you'll be emailed a login to the platform and you can access all the training modules and downloads.

What files and resources are included?

The course will be hosted inside Simplero and you'll get access to video trainings, google docs and pdf downloads.

What is your refund policy?

If you aren't satisfied within 7 days of starting the course, send us your completed workbooks, show us that you've worked through the material properly and let us know where you are stuck and we'll offer you a refund. Otherwise our terms of sale are that we offer no refunds on digital products.